Ser Casper the Foolsbane

Roguish Hedge Knight in service to House Mallister.



Casper has light brown hair and hazel eyes. He has an athletic rather than bulky build and is of average height. His gear is well worn, and stained with marks of travel.


Born in Duskendale, Casper’s parents were both baseborn and in service to house Darklyn. His father was a guardsman and his mother a serving maid. Casper’s father was killed during the Defiance of Duskendale, his mother relocated the family to the ghettos of King’s Landing after the defiance. Seeking new employment to support her three children she found work as a tavern maid.

Casper spent his next years on the streets and in the taverns of King’s Landing. He earned a few coppers imitating the singers and street performers he had admired for local drunkards. When Casper heard the tales of a group of renegade knights fighting for the small-folk against the rich nobles, he became determined to join them. Now a man grown, he gathered his meager possessions, bid farewell to his family and headed into the Kingswood to find these ‘outlaws’.

Casper did indeed find the Kingswood Brotherhood however what he found was a rag-tag band of exiles, thieves and killers. One exile knight, Ser Harlan Blueshield took pity on Casper and took him on as squire. When the Brotherhood was destroyed, Casper, Ser Harlan and another man Ser Oswick, the Blind Knight escaped capture and returned the hedges.

The three traveled across the Riverlands, during Robert’s Rebellion they fought under the Mallister banner at the Battle of the Trident. Ser Harlan Blueshield took a fatal wound during the battle. Hearing that Eddard Stark was about to march onward to King’s Landing, Casper was eager to join the march hoping to find his family amid the chaos. Ser Oswick was wounded and couldn’t yet travel, so he knighted Casper dubbing him in jest the Foolsbane, for he had slain a former Kingswood outlaw during the battle, who had often mocked him for ‘acting more a fool than fighter’.

When the Stark host arrived at King’s Landing, Casper was unable to locate his mother or sisters. He traveled on with the Stark host to lift the siege at Storm’s End, but grew tired of the company of so many Northerners. He departed from them and returned to the hedges. He traveled along the Dornish Marches, taking service with a minor Reach lord who was feuding with his Dornish counterpart.

There were rumors that the Lord’s daughter had fallen for Ser Casper, and that he and the Lord were at odds with one another. When the young lady was found dead, many including the Lord accused Ser Casper as the culprit. However during the death he was scouting in the Marches, when news reached him that the Lord now wanted his head, he fled north towards the Riverlands where some still remember him fondly.

Requiem for the dead:
Early into the adventure Ser Casper showed great promise and vigor. He boldly faced down the Knight of the Mire and he raised the first troops for the endeavor. Casper truly believed that defeating Ebon and his forces would be easy. It this foolishness that ultimately caused Casper death. After several victories over Ebonfall forces Casper found himself leading a contingent of troops on a rescue mission into Lambsworld. however only lead his men into an ambush. Entan Cale descended upon Casper and his troops easily overrunning and capturing them. Casper’s allies tried desperately to free him but it wasn’t until the fall of Briarwhite weeks later that Casper was found. By that point it was to late, he soon died from his injuries.

Ser Casper the Foolsbane

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