Entan Cale

A commander and hound master of the Ebonfall


A hulking Iron born man. Entan stands a head taller then most men. He has a rugged appearance with a perpetual sneer hanging on his face. His booming voice cuts through a crowed and is almost always accompanied with the barking of his hounds.


The twin broth of Dariss Cale, Entan was a commoner who managed to receive a knighthood. He spent many years in service of House Vypren of Lydcove. His time there was quite tame and so when Ebon asked and was denied aid from House Vypren Entan and his brother broke their oath of service to join Ebon.

A skilled trainer of animals Entan brought with him a litter of hounds that he quickly trained into a fearsome fighting force. He was never far from those dogs and typically had Insidious, his favorite dog, at his side.

From all accounts Entan was a fair man, treating the common folk with an even hand. He was left in charge of Briarwhite when Ebon headed south to attack Fairmarket.

After the Battle of Briarwhite Entan was captured by the players but he was hidden away by Maester Doran and Commander Burell under the assumption that he was dead.

Entan Cale

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