A Land of Sorrow

The story begins

We know what we are doing- (in a general sort of wayish)

It is a time of peace. Which is to say it is only not a time of declared open warfare. Robert Baratheon is King and has just begun to settle in as a Ruler rather than router. A diverse group of four is summoned to Seagard to meet with its house head Jason Mallister. Also present was his son Patrek Mallister and Edan Ashford (who had married Althea Mallister.) It was explained that we were to reclaim “oldstones” south of Hags mire. which, depending on who was asked, fell somewhere between abandoned keep to ruins. The area was also described as somewhat fraught with brigands and lawlessness. A nephew was despatched earlier on this task but appeared to have failed miserably, and (after exchanged glances) was proclaimed to have been sent to kings landing. A symbol of our authority was asked for and there was an ackward moment as it lay there claimed by no one. the young Francesco began to raise from his seat slowed slightly by it being the secondmost fluffy chair in the room, when sir Deddings lurched forward quickly as if nudged from behind to grab the ring. Deddings went to talk to the captain Neal Leonard (of the Wooden Wench) wilst Burell went to inspect the troops. Francesco and Ser casper went information gathering at the local pub. Deddings talked to Jason Mallister about provisions and it was revealed that wagons and a steward (Aren Stally) and staff would all be comming on the morrow. Breakfast came and mysterious loud scraping/dragging noises could be heard from the kitchen area. The sea travel was uneventful save the bickering of the nobles about whos grandfathers deeds made them more worthy to sleep in the cabin, and what color the vomit from the sea sick ser Casper might be. What happened next was Nuttin. (you knew a pun was comming get over it) After a booming proclamation that both Francesco and the Rule of Law had come to Nuttin. A talk with the gruff, salty mayor Robert Garrys revealed problems with smugglers and a gang calling themselves Ebbenfall, led by a man named Ebon possibly based in a city to the south. Deddings, after abtaining a lock for our funds chest. seemed to have been followed, he slipped into a nearby sept and then slipped into some slightly too tight friars robes and absconded back to the wagons, which had been freshly unloaded from the boat. A camp was set up just outside of town. Ser Casper and Deddings found the town constable Colren to be a hopeless drunkard. After some information about the mayor paying protection money in a fortnight to the Ebbenfall from the ever-present fishmongers and francescos captured child-spy revealed to us that local Ebbenfall members were now at the Nuttin tavern. A small debate about how to proceed and what did we really know about the tavern insued. As It turned out, It was not a tavern populated by peaceful townfolk but rather a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you may never find. After a small Dust up it was found to have five local members of the Ebbenfall, and the captain of a smuggling boat with two of her “boys”. A ranger was sent to bring a cart to round them all up and bring them to our camp. Ser Casper the quick and the agile put forth that they should be publicly hung on the morrow. Francesco could be heard saying that it didn’t seem particularly heroic. And That is the beginning of the story.


arcticnerd Namirha

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