A Land of Sorrow

The meat, the meet, the Boat, no moat, the gait and the gate.

I might have a concussion

I remember two men charging me, then a was slammed to the ground. My spear was sticking out of one of them. I know I am on my back but my brain keeps telling me I am falling to the the left., and my vision keeps spinning to the left. How did I get here? It seems like Cordingbloom sailed us to the battle, could that be right we sailed up to a castle wall? I saw him shooting at someone, he ignored a man running up to engage him just to get the shot off. Was he yelling “the dog”? Oh christ on a stick! (or other religiously correct for this land, but patently offensive explative), could the hound be here?

Deadings, he was around here, He got the Gate crossbar off! with the help of large men…men who work for the Bandit king. Are we working with the bandit King, that doesn’t seem right either. Seems like I remember Deadings running past me in heavy armor, faster than a man should be able. He is bleeding now, perhapse he re-opened his wounds? Dogs…, seemed like maybe there was a woman who was tied up to force a butcher to feed poisen to dogs. Now I am getting an image of Cordingbloom turning into a ghost woman and throwing books at children,yelling “bring back the law”. can’t trust the memories. I remember Deadings telling me he had to jump out a window because the shadows came alive and were chasing him. The Bandit king was smiling but his fists were clenched with impatience, he has been waiting long for this,… this whatever it is. Why was I sitting alone in a bar? good pickles, good samwiches. I don’t know why but it seems like I was searching for a priest.
The spinning is slowing. The situation for us all seems dire at the least. I have to snap out of it. “I have my shield, I have my spear, I am invunerable.”


arcticnerd Namirha

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