A Land of Sorrow

Scouting the enemy

Aaron Deddings

We set off on our scouting mission of Briarwhite after interrogating our two free rider prisoners. I looked at Burell in a different light, after one of our prisoners insulted his status, he took it into his hands to take the man’s leg. Our other prisoner gave up all the information we needed after that.

As we arrived in Briarwhite we split our time looking for ways to undermine the Ebon men in Briarwhite. Burell ventured right into Briarwhites castle as a traveling mason, Francesco decided to stake out the bars for anyone willing to give up information on EBons garrison while I donned my septon disguise and examined the town’s outskirts looking for any advantage. By the seaside I noticed a cliff which could be climbed by anyone capable of sailing into the bay undetected. I considered this idea further as I returned to the town. That’s when I had an idea.

Returning to our host’s abode francesco and I exchanged what we learned and what we would attempt. Francesco had learned of a man who could be swayed to act on our behalf for the right price but I wanted to take action firmly in my own hands. So I told francesco my plan, Aarten dogs are large beasts he;s trained since they were pups, but what was he feeding them ? Perhaps if I could access that supply of meat, I could take out a potent threat to the moral of the peasants being trained.

As the next morning broke the night, we set out on our perspective plans . I ventured down to the market looking for any sign of a preferred butcher who could possibly be Aarten’s supplier. What I found was a unsuspecting middle aged man who regularly supplied Aarten’s servants with his finest cuts. My next stop was to a herbalist to buy some very potent poison to give the meat my own special zing. Meanwhile Francesco informed me that he had met with the traitor guard but shied away from employing due to his obvious cowardice. It was then that I told him how I planned on recruiting our portly butcher into our plan. Kidnapping…

I followed the butcher to his home in my septon disguise looking to find a suitable target. What I found was a humble aging women who was possibly too kind for her own good. As I returned to our host , francesco and I decided to act on the morrow. Waiting for the butcher to go off to the market, we struck. WE tricked the woman into drinking a mild sedative which put her unconscious. A neighbor’s child happened to discover us after the act so we gave him his own dose and dragged his unconscious body into a field. Francesco took the woman to a abandones part of the town while i waited for the butcher to return to give him my demands.

The butcher returned to find me waiting instead of his wife. After I told him what i wanted and reminded him of what he was missing, he readily agreed to our plan. When i was knighted I never imagined myself acting like some petty criminal but I’ve grown desperate to strike any blow possible at Ebonfall. Seven help me…


arcticnerd invadershiv

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