A Land of Sorrow

Lost Battle & Meeting Duegan the Red

January 19th, 2016 session

The battle on the road between Briarwhite and Lambswold was a loss, though not a complete one. Entan Kale led his mastiffs and well armored calvary against us. We lost two of our oarsmen with many more wounded. However, we took two of his host captive. Entan called for retreat when he saw our peasant horde rounding the corner behind us, and Burell made the call not to pursue. The peasants were upset, but it was the right decision.

An agent of Duegan the Red met with us that night. He convinced us to meet with Duegan in the “cursed” woods of High Heart. We moved camp from Lambswold to the hills north of High Heart, and buried our chest of dragons near there: The location only being shared between myself (Francesco), Aaron Deddings and Commander Burell.

Duegan, quite the eccentric fellow, proposed a partnership to take down Ebonfall. With no terms discussed, we agreed on the plan to joint attack Briarwhite. If Briarwhite proves too defensible to take, we will leave the bulk of our least trained forces outside the walls so our army appears to still be sieging. Then, the rest of our forces would march south to attack Iron Bay.

We briefly returned to camp to see what supplies were needed and how the training was coming along. Afterwards, from Duegan we purchased 15 spears, 15 axes, 30 shields, and 20 hunting bows. My companions managed to talk down Duegan’s marked up prices, and we bought the other supplies (food, bedrolls, lanterns) from Lambswold.

Now, we are ready. Now, we ride for war.


arcticnerd Mello_Man

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