A Land of Sorrow

BriarWhite becomes DeddingsWhite

February 9th, 2016 session
The gate is open, and our small formation works to keep it that way. Francesco, now on the ground with the rest of the rabble, attempts to stall the counter attack by targeting the enemy commanders. The enemy seeks to do the same and targets Burell.

Deddings is now the only voice compelling our crumbling formation to hold the gate instead of escaping through it. Then, reinforcements! More of a mob than an army, our forces swarm through the open gate to clash with the rallied forces and war dogs of Briarwhite. Entan, though recovering from a bad case of food poisoning, joins the battle as well.

Deddings pushes forward with the bulk of our army, cornering Entan and his forces in the main keep. Burell, too wounded to push his way through the main door, finds another way into the lower levels of the keep. There he finds our men who were captured by Entan near Lambswald, including Casper Foolsbane.

Between our main forces pushing through the entrance and our now armed men coming up from the lower levels, it seemed as if the day was ours. However, Entan was not as cornered as we had believed. Francesco, acting upon a hunch, gathers some men and attacks Entan’s escape envoy who had made it outside of the keep.

Francesco, joined by a half conscious Burell, continues to pursue Entan who is already being lowered down the other side of the wall. A well placed arrow ensures the rest of his descent is a bumpy one. All the same, Burell and Francesco are unable to overcome the two elite guards alone, and Entan makes good on his escape.

The casualties list is long and puts a damper on the post battle celebration, as does the death of Casper Foolsbane, who at last succumbed to his injuries. Deddings finds the throne a good fit for him. Francesco considers returning to Ramsford to see if he can pick up any new intel. Burell seems inextricably drawn back to Old Stones, but whether it’s instinct or a feverish dream that’s seized hold of him is best left to the maester to determine.


arcticnerd Mello_Man

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