A Land of Sorrow

Bloody Bandits

Aaron Deddings

As we interrogated the resident maester, we decided he’d make a useful addition to our retinue. But something seems off about him. He did however prove his use by suggesting where we could find Anten even if it was after making us swear to do him no harm.

Finding Anten was a sight to behold. Gone was the terrifying giant that made you pause, replaced by a matted mess of muscle and bloody armor. It seemed duegans men had gotten to him before us. I agreed to allow him to be taken to a healer only so that he could be used as a bargaining chip with his brother.

After returning to the castle and unloading Anten I was startled to learn Duegan had set his men to looting the hokd fast. Priceless pieces of art and silverware taken for the Bandits Treasury. To think I previously offered such a man amnesty of his crimes.

It was after my brief argument with Duegan that I learned Anten had died of his injuries ruining my plan to bargain with him. We would strike at ironbay more directly.

En route to attack ironbay duegans undisciplined lot began light campfires which would have given away our position. Taking executive leadership commander Burell chided the men only to be openly ignored and then jeered at. This lack of respect would not do. I ordered the men to back down only to have my person assaulted by the firebrand and his accomplice. Duegan managed to reign his men in after I had wounded the one of my assailants.

It seemed our already shakey alliance was already tearing at the seams.


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Bloody Bandits
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