A Land of Sorrow

The night progressed slower than planned as we delegated what to do with the Ebonfall men we’d captured, Some wanted to hang the men like the traitorous bastards they were but the local septon convinced us otherwise. The entire town was under the yoke of Ebon, making such a bold statement against him too soon could have ended this expedition earlier than we’d have liked. The men weren’t even truly the problems but simply symptoms of the local rebel that was Ebon. It’s the Lord’s duty to protect and guide the the people who live on his lands lest their simple minds drive them back to their more basic urges and it would seem Lord Mallister hasn’t been paying attention to these duties.

Our second batch of prisoners turned out to be closer related than we could have ever expected, mother and sons in fact. Seeing that we would be on our expedition for many years to come i decided it would be in our best interest to have our own ship or at least full control of someone who did have their own ship, which is where the smuggler women Karya came in. I offered her a deal she couldn’t resist, I would take one of her sons as a squire and in return she would provide us with the use of her ship and anything else we demanded. In truth I have no intention of knighting the boy , I simply wanted to keep leverage over her, Leverage that only became more precious when I learned she was also the Mayor’s wife and we now possessed his son as well.

As the sun rose up over our camp we realized just how long we’d been deliberating and decided to put our plans into motion. One such plan including actually sending a scout out to assess just how strongly Ebon had entrenched himself in these lands, the other included the release of all our prisoners with some well placed warnings. As we began to break camp Nuttens sleazy mayor approached us with a few of his town guards as if to intimidate us. We let him know his wife would be returned and that I would be keeping his son. He didn’t have much to say after that.

As we set out about the road to RamsFord we encountered none other than the Knight of the Mire. Ser Casper challenged him to single combat and taunted to man into charging him. Ser Casper instead drove his ass into the bog and foolishly the Mire Knight followed. Ser Casper’s plan of entrapping the knight in terrain where he couldn’t maneuver seemed sound until the his lance tore through Ser Casper’s side. Ser Casper lashed back bravely but the fight was not going in his favor and so the rest of us took action. Commander Burrell Charged into the bog to assist Ser Casper as I organized our forces to strike at the knight while the young Courtingbloom loosed his own arrows into the knight. Seeing the tide change the Mire Knight abandoned his attacks on Ser Casper and fled deeper into the bog severely wounded by our arrows.

With the excitement over our forces returned to the road where we encountered a simple cabbage merchant and his daughter. After setting up camp for the night we broke bread and drank wine with the man who was all too knowledgeable about the region we’d be entering. It would seem Ebon isn’t the only threat about as we discussed bandit queens and marauder kings who also plundered the lands. We also learned an interesting truth about ebon, he used to serve lord Mallister.I can’t yet decide whether or not this further points to Lord Mallisters incompetence or the lands unruliness.

In the middle of night I was awoken to shouts within the camp and rushed to see what it was about. The Mire Knight tore through our camp setting tents and a wagon ablaze. When challenged to fight us on fair terms he simply ran off into the night strangely energetically for a man who was supposed to be deeply wounded. The fires were put out but we were all still on alert until we reached Ramsford. There we decided it would be best for our party to be proactive instead of reactive, to do this we would need more information and strong local allies to call to our aid. So it was decided that I would cross the lake to Estermead and treat with the noble lord there, Commander Burrell and ser Casper would continue on to Oldstones and the young Courtingbloom would entrench himself within ramsford to learn of any local secrets or rogue movements.


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